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About Høyersten Contemporary 

Høyersten Contemporary is a  500 sqm commercial art gallery in Bergen, founded by Simone and Erlend Aalbæk Høyersten. Høyersten Contemporary solemnly focuses on quality, relevance, integrity, and appeal. Our ambitions are on behalf of our artists, clients, and customers. Bergen city is our base, while the world is our aspiration and workplace.  


The gallery presents primarily Nordic and European contemporary art. Our focus is contemporary painting, drawing, and sculpture. Meanwhile, we also aim to present installation, photo, video, and performance as well. While we mainly present established artists, we always search for new talents and enjoy working with emerging artists as well.


We work to collaborate with and exhibit our artists to present them to both a Nordic, local audience as well as a more international one. As we are both art historians, we strive to support our artists in developing and presenting art of high quality, challenging how we see the world around us. 

We see the gallery's responsibility as professional, fair, and personal. We do this by helping the artists with coaching, development, and production. We find it important to facilitate their connection to the international art scene and collectors, and to document and archive the artist's works in order to establish a lifelong career and financial independence. 


Living with art can be a great pleasure and enrichment, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. But finding the right artist who created the right piece of art can sometimes seem incalculable. There is a lot of art, but the quality is highly variable. So how to find the right quality work, and for the right price? How to choose? Høyersten Contemporary offers guidance for businesses or private individuals who are searching for just the right piece of art, or who want to build up a collection of art that reflects who you are or are interested in, or what your business represents. We want to give you guidance, insight and advice, so you can move with confidence and knowledge into the world of art. Erlend G. Aalbæk Høyersten has been a museum director for 18 years, and has in that time been involved in building three different museum collections.


Feel free to contact us for a non-binding talk if you have a garden, home or workplace that you can see can become something much more with the right works of art.



Inger Bang Lunds vei 14

Bergen, Norway



+47 901 84 123



Closed through July - back primo August.

We wish you a great summer.

Tuesday - Friday: 11 - 17

Saturday: 11 - 15